Are Peruvian girls easy going ready to jump into foreigners bed?

Opinion of foreign tourists on Peruvian women is quite controversial when we mean their appearance. The facts that girls in Peru are pretty, hot and beautiful are truth; maybe not every girl is that hot, but many are. There are many pretty average women and in general they are much prettier than those who live in the U.S. or in the U.K. It depends what type of girls you would like to find here – and the answer would be Latina girls! Some of them would be prettier than those you may find in Brazil and some girls in Colombia are hotter that some in Peru; actually this all is very different and which girl you will meet depends on your luck and in funny style – what you deserve for. Most of girls in Peru take care of themselves, they dress up well, stylish, wearing high hills and together with proper make up and natural Latina beauty they look just super hot. When I see that girls I just wish to take some of those Peruvian beauties into my bed. Is it that easy to get girl from Peru in bed?

It depends on the girl whether she is ready to share bed with you just because you are foreigner. Girls in Peru are divided into those who either totally ignore foreigners or those who are just not interested in foreigners or those who are curious to spend some time with foreigner, but not necessarily in bed, maybe she needs just to improve her English or dreams about dating and marriage; the second type could be found on Peruvian dating sites as well, but you have to avoid scammers and be sure you are chatting with real girl, but not with pretty picture on your monitor.

Is scam real danger in Peru? I would not say so, because you see most of girls don’t really care you are foreigner and if you start talking to her and ask for a date and pay for dinner I don’t think it is scam. If you find someone through the Internet and she openly asks you about money it is scam; or if you bought plane ticket to Peru, came to Lima, for example, and girl you have met openly asks you for presents like iPhone or something expensive; or if you payed $300 for the dinner in fancy restaurant; or if she immediately starts talking about sick mother and asks for money to cure her – that is scam, but I guess you are smart enough to understand where is just scam and where is real lack of money. By the way, poor Peruvian girl is usually shy girl and she would never ask guy for money; maybe they are poor but they know what the pride is.

Are Peruvian girls easy going ready to jump into foreigners bed

One good thing about Peruvian girls is they are very direct, open and strict when they say something. You will not need to pretend you are someone else; on the contrary, it is better to be yourself and behave naturally. Be sincere and open and then you have a chance to get women from Peru in your bed.

When you think whether Peruvian girls are easy or not I will say rather no. The concept of one night stand is not common in Latin American countries as well as it is not common in Eastern Europe, for example, (I am talking not about whores, but about “normal”, usual, average girls) and probably is common for the U.S. When walking the girl home in Peru you never know how the evening ends; as it may be coffee and “good bye”, just a kiss… or spending night in bed with Peruvian girl. It depends, but in general I cannot say girls from Peru are easy to foreigners.

Don’t imagine that coming to any country from the U.S. every girl would greet you with fascination as you were the only hope and dream of all her life. Don’t be upset if girls in Peru don’t pay attention to you. Being in another country you have to understand that get girl in bed just for being American is not enough. You have to know the approach to women; you have to know how to communicate with girls. If you were shy nerd at home how can you become macho in Peru adding language barrier as another test? Women all over the world are first of all women; they are feminine and pretty, they might have cultural differences and look different at basic family values, but the main approach is pretty much the same. So, to get Peruvian girl in bed be the man; and one more thing… to get Peruvian girl in bed does not count; to get pretty Peruvian girl in bed counts.

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